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VR Developer & Designer


Software Engineer with a passion for design and developing experiences. Freelance designer from game development to graphic design and 3D modeling.

This website contains some projects and a blog with updates future work. Xoid Isometric Survival, POB, Pixel Arcade VR are some of the recent games I have released to mobile and steam.

This site was made by Corrie Green as a base for showcasing content and to invite anyone looking for a VR experience developed to get in touch.


Game engines such as Unity and Unreal engine have given me the opportunity to develop multi platform digital games. With an internship at Hunted Cow Studios I now have experience in a real, commercial game design work environment, learning skills that I’ve used in practice improving time and efficiency with projects. Replacement, Absorb and POB are a few of the games that have been released. Although Replacement has not had a full release, I plan to use the assets and scripts from it in another, much better project in the future.

All of the games textures, models, any asset in the games I create are made by myself unless stated otherwise. The software used to create assets include Adobe CC and Autodesk Maya. Being a Computer Science student, I am comfortable with programming in languages such as Java and C# for the Unity game engine. Allowing my creativity in developing, not to be limited by my skillset in programming.

Winning the 48 hour Moray Game Jam for a game which is currently called ‘Absorb’ , has added fuel to my passion of game design in which I hope to build an exciting career in the industry. During the jam I was working on my own, more information on the jam can be found on my blog along with other projects. I plan to further develop ‘Absorb’ and release it for mobile and desktop devices. Low polygon models that are brightly textured with simple colours is the style of art I work with mostly. The minimalistic design keeps the models unique decreases the time spent on modeling, allowing myself to work on interesting, unique and fun game mechanics. Feel free to check out my portfolio or blog for a list of my projects.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Adobe CC | Autodesk | Renderman

Graphic design is an passion that I have always wanted to develop in. Self taught in software such as Adobe Photoshop, thanks to the Creative Cloud, I have the opportunity to explore and learn new design software, and create new exciting graphics that I can use in my work, from game graphics, to logos for clients and website icons.

This site was designed and created my myself, using no third party themes other than the blog created with Wordpress. Icons went through multiple iterations as new design inspiration always made me want to improve the previous graphic. Vector graphics are used often for their simplicity and minimalistic approach to making colours and shapes work in unicent. Much like game development, I am a fan of simple graphics working together to create something visually pleasing.

Creating renders in Autodesk Maya involves creating assets where I also test lighting environments for game development. Creating these scenes interest me greatly thanks to companies such as Pixar and dreamworks with their bright, pleasant environments and animations found in their movies. Bright, warm clean scenes being a personal favourite working with ambient occlusion, but always experimenting with new tools as they are released. Such as Renderman, where a non commercial use version was just released. I intend on learning to use this amazing tool in the future to render promotional graphics for my projects, as well as develop a short animated film.

To view some of the digital graphics I have created, they can be found on my Behance and the blog section of this site.

Android | Windows

POB brings simplistic controls and unanticipated obstacles to the action arcade genre. This colour dodging, reflex game is sure to keep you entertained for hours with infinite replay ability! Its the same reflex based phenomenon that has entertained millions of players around the world, with games such as Super hexagon and Flappy Bird taking it to the top. If you like testing your reflexes and beating your best time for hours on end, you'll love POB!

With fresh gameplay elements and unlimited possibilities, running from coloured rain has never been so fun! Collect bonus dark colour's to give a time boost or avoid them as they could lead to the end of POB. With tricky game mechanics, POB requires you to think on your toes and react the to the ever changing environment as fast as you can.

Game Jam Winner | aka 'The Edge'

The Xoid - originally called The Edge - is an Isometric survival game started in a 48 hour game jam. It uses interesting mechanics to change the games pace throughout. Dodge, jump, and attack enemies to survive for as long as you can.

The catch? The player is invisible when they hit 0hp. In order to navigate around the map, the player must then use the location of enemies and light markers to show where they are. To become visible again, they must try to collect a potion while in the invisible state, the timer reduces when invisible so the player must act fast to increase their score. Progress further in the game by retrieving the potion, becoming once again visible and continuing the timer.

The Xoid: Isometric Survival
Pixel Arcade
VR | Platformer

Prepare to be transported into a world of cyber punk pixels. Navigate and climb your way through each unique obstacle course to beat your previous time and unlock the next chapter in the campaign.

Pixel Arcade boats 25 unique levels in early access, with level progression by activating all checkpoints. Each level comprimises of obstacles that require you to traverse, time and strategically avoid to progress. With lasers, limited time interactables, moving platforms, walls, cubes and more, Pixel Arcade is a challenge not to be underestimated. Can you beat your highscore and stand amongst the fastest in the world? Out on Steam VR 31st July 2017 on Early access.

Pixel Arcade




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